Want to go Kayaking in Cornwall?

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We hope everybody had a great Easter Holiday and enjoyed the sunny weather! Cornwall did its best at providing sunshine but it was still a little chilly at times. Still, a good taste of things to come over the next few months and we can’t wait! We managed to get a few sessions out on the water during the best days and dodged the bad ones, so a huge thank you to all the people that braved the elements and came out for an adventure with us.

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We are looking ahead to the summer and are so twitchy and excited at the prospect of some warmer weather and more time out on the water (you can probably tell by the lack of blogs we’re more suited to the outdoors!). Our Kayaking is a great way of getting out on the water for an adventure of even a relaxing get away. Check it out here.

Our friends over at Sitons.com did some great investigating – We recently polled 500 water sports fans asking them their dream place to kayak. Out of the top ten UK locations mentioned, Cornwall took up two of the spots.

Needless to say this is our home turf and we can’t praise it enough so please read their take on Cornwall.

Cornwall Makes The Kayaking Cut

During a poll of 500+ water sports enthusiasts, Cornwall’s magnificent beaches came out at number two in the Sitons Dream Kayak Locations feature.

Paddlers were asked to list what they’re ultimate kayaking destination(s) would be and it’s encouraging to note, among the usual suspects of exotic locations, many areas closer to home also made the cut. In a three part article (split into distinct categories based on the results – Rivers, Regions and UK) the white sandy expanses of Kernow did rather well in the UK section.

It’s hardly surprising when you consider that on a beautiful summer’s day, many beaches resemble those you will find in far flung locations. Azure coloured water lapping against picture postcard sandy coastline; many of Cornwall’s beaches could quite easily be mistaken for tropical destinations.

From a paddling point of view it’s not hard to see why Cornwall would be a draw for enthusiasts. From the sometimes pounding surf of exposed westerly facing locations – to the tranquil sheltered inlets and magnificent sea cliffs you could find – options for kayaking in the ‘first and last county of England’ are everywhere.

Cornwall offers something for every type of paddler, whatever their skill level. And what better way to round off a day’s kayaking than with a pint of good ole Kernow cider. With the counties abundance of eating and drinking establishments, a plethora of accommodation options to suit all budgets and the varied water sports offerings, Cornwall’s attraction is tangible.

For the full three part feature, head over to the sitons.com site to see where else made it onto the list.

See….Cornwall is awesome, who wouldn’t want to give kayaking a go after reading that!?

If you would like to go Kayaking in Cornwall please send me an email: ben@cornishrocktors.com or by calling 07791534884 and I can get straight back to you with further information.

See you soon!