Advanced Coasteering

For those who love a challenge and who have been coasteering with us several times before, we offer Advanced Coasteering routes to provide a greater test of your skills and fitness.  Arranged upon request, advanced routes are wild-coast journeys requiring endurance and confidence that promise to deliver adrenaline and a great sense of achievement.


A coasteerer leaps into the sea off the Cornish coast

Advanced Coasteering is only available to customers who have completed Cornish Rock Tors’ Intermediate Coasteering (and demonstrated the required levels of competence and fitness) so that we can plan the right route for your ability.  Routes take approximately four hours to complete and cover long sections of wild coastline completely inaccessible from the land.  We will explore enormous cave systems, traverse and scramble across rocky shorelines and swim sections of open water, all with appreciable swell.  This is true adventure!  The focus of our Advanced Coasteering is on journeying through a beautiful and dynamic environment, and by its very nature it will require confidence, endurance and a sense of adventure.

Our bespoke Advanced Coasteering routes are located between Polzeath and Boscastle, providing a range of start and finish points for our journeys with varying exposure to swell and wind.  This coastline is majestic, unspoiled and largely inaccessible, allowing us to design an unforgettable experience for you.

Outdoor adventurers swimming in the sea off Cornwall

Advanced Coasteering costs £70 per person. The extra cost reflects the reduced 4:2 ratio of clients to guides that we operate to ensure that we maintain our superb safety standards on these sessions.  The price includes the use of all necessary equipment, including a warm 5mm wetsuit, thick-soled wetsuit boots, a buoyancy aid and a helmet.

Venues and routes are decided by Cornish Rock Tors on an individual basis.

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