Privacy Statement

At Cornish Rock Tors Ltd we are committed to ensuring and safeguarding the privacy of our customers and visitors.

The purpose of this Policy is to advise you what personal information we collect (both in-person and on this website), and how and why we use it. This Policy is subject to review and may be updated as required.


What Information Do We Collect?

In order to provide our services it is necessary for us to collect certain personal information. At the point of booking we require your name and contact details (e-mail and phone number). We may also require personal data in order to process payment and complete a transaction. Prior to delivering our service you must disclose any relevant personal medical information to us (any pre-existing conditions that may affect your ability to partake in an activity or that our staff need to be aware of). We treat all of the information that you disclose to us in the strictest confidence. By enquiring about and engaging our services you consent to us collecting that information for the specific reasons of delivering that service.


We will also ask for your contact details for the purposes of sending your occasional marketing e-mails using an opt-in tick box on our booking form. Pre-2018 customers were added to our database automatically, with consent to these communications being deemed to have been provided at point of booking as part of the service transaction.


How Do I Withdraw My Consent?

If, having previously opted-in, you decide that you would no longer like us to contact you or use your information, you can withdraw consent at any time by e-mailing us at You can also unsubscribe from our occasional marketing communications e-mails by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link in the footer of any marketing e-mails that you receive from us.


The Data That We Collect On This Website

We use several small, safe cookies to both improve your experience of our website (loading images faster when you return to a page, for example) and also to collect data (via Google Analytics) about site usage such as the pages that you visit, how long you spend looking at them, and how you move through our website. The purpose of collecting this data is to help us to improve the service that we offer you. None of this data identifies you as an individual. You can read our Cookies Policy here.


Booking Forms and Accident Report Forms

We require all participants in our activity sessions to complete a booking form that includes accepting a Statement of Risk and disclosing to us any relevant pre-existing medical conditions so that we can plan accordingly or in case it may affect your ability to participate fully in our activity sessions. Our booking form collects your first name, surname, e-mail address, and phone number.

We store these forms securely for a length of time that we deem appropriate in order to fulfill our legal and regulatory obligations. We will only disclose the contents of these forms if we are required to do so by law or in the event of legal proceedings.


All Accident Report Forms will be stored securely. We will only disclose the information contained within these forms if we are required to do so by law or in the event of legal proceedings.


How We Use Your Information to Communicate With You

When you make an enquiry with us or make a booking, you will receive e-mail correspondence from us to confirm your booking and supply you with any additional information required. We will then correspond with you regarding your activity session, by e-mail or phone (depending on what is easiest for you), to update you about your session if required.

If you opt-in to receive our marketing communications then you will be sent an occasional (usually quarterly) e-mail newsletter once every 2-4 months containing stories, links to relevant content that we think you may like, news of upcoming events and special offers. We aim to make these e-mails entertaining, informative, and relevant.


Storing Your Personal Data

In operating our website and e-mail newsletter it may become necessary to transfer some of the data that we collect from you to locations outside of the European Union for processing and storing (because we use Google Analytics and an e-mail marketing service). By providing your personal data to us, you agree to this transfer, storing and processing. We take all reasonable precautions and follow industry best practices to avoid this data being lost, misused, disclosed, altered, destroyed or accessed inappropriately. The services that we use also conform to all legal requirements regarding storing and processing personal data.

We cannot guarantee the security of data and personal information that you choose to send us electronically; sending such information by e-mail is not totally secure and therefore there is a risk of it being intercepted. You send us such information by e-mail entirely at your own risk.


Disclosing Your Information

We will not disclose or share personal data with any other party other than as stated in this Privacy Policy or in the event of the following extenuating circumstances:

  • We are legally required to do so.
  • Cornish Rock Tors is sold and responsibility for and ownership of records is transferred to the buyer.
  • To protect ourselves against and reduce the risk of fraud.

Links to Third Parties

We link to various third party websites from within our own website, for various reasons. Providing such a link is not an endorsement by Cornish Rock Tors of that site’s wider content (beyond the specific page or section being linked to) or Privacy Policy. We encourage you to review any site’s Privacy Policy before sending them any personal information.


Your Right to Access, Review, Amend and Delete Your Personal Data

At any time you can request details of the personal information that we hold relating to you as an individual, and can request it be amended or deleted. Cornish Rock Tors retains and exercises the right to store certain customer data for an appropriate amount of time as required to meet legal and regulatory body obligations.

You can edit your preferences or unsubscribe from our marketing communications e-mails by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link in the footer of any marketing e-mails that you receive from us.


Cornish Rock Tors welcomes your questions and comments about privacy.


Please send an email to