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Summer 2020 Open Water Swim Specials

This summer we’re excited to be running a series of guided open water swim specials. These will be stand-alone events for small groups, designed to cater for those swimmers wanting to explore beyond the confines of the bays and experience swimming sections of otherwise inaccessible coastline with other like-minded swimmers.

If the open water swim event or race that you were hoping to take part in this summer has been cancelled but you’d still like to complete a moderate or long distance swim and gain that sense of achievement, then these specials are for you. We’re providing an opportunity for swimmers to complete point A to point B swims or iconic loops in the North Cornwall area. Take a look at the options below and find out more (physical requirements for each swim, etiquette, and how we’re running these swim specials safely in line with our COVID policy) by clicking through from each title.

swimming between the harbour walls at port isaac

Swimming out of Port Isaac harbour

Port Isaac and Back

Sunday 9th August

Swimming out from our HQ at Port Gaverne we turn left at the mouth, towards Port Isaac. We’ll make our way between the harbour walls and onto the platt. After a quick break, we’re back in for the return journey. Hot drinks available back at base.

swimmer about to get in the sea at sunrise at port gaverne

Sunrise at Port Gaverne

Sunrise at Port Gaverne

Sunday 19th July

Swimming out from our HQ at Port Gaverne just as the sun starts creeping over the cliffs. We’ll choose the appropriate route for the conditions. Likely a looped route of up to 2.5km returning to Port Gaverne or finishing in neighbouring Port Isaac and walking back. On return to base a free hot drink of your choice awaits you.

open water swimming near caves

Swimming past sea caves

Swim Special – Port Gaverne Caves

Sunday 12th July

“The Dark Side of The Bay”.

A looped swimming route starting and ending at Port Gaverne. Swimming out from our HQ at Port Gaverne we turn right around Castle Rock and head out of sight. From here we’ll explore the gullies, caves, inlets and blowholes on our way to the turn around at Tresungers point (popular hangout for hundreds of sea birds such as Guillemots, Fulmars and Cormorants). On our way back we’ll take a shortcut through “The Gut” and pop out back in the bay at Port Gaverne where we’ll head to the beach for a hot drink.

It can get pretty lively in and around the rocks so please ensure you’re confident in your swim ability and are comfortable being in the sea.

open water swimmer of the cornish coast

Port Isaac Bay

Swim Special – Port Gaverne & Port Isaac

3 km
Sunday 5th July & Sunday 2nd August

Swimming out from our HQ at Port Gaverne we turn left at the mouth, past the entrance to Port Isaac and on towards Varley head and the golden sands beneath it. On arrival at the secluded beach we’ll come ashore for a moment before we turn and head for home. Hugging the coast on the return journey, we’ll swim over the boulder fields and popular seal hangout of Pinehaven before rounding Lobber point and making our way between the harbour walls and onto the platt of Port Isaac. From here it’s a short 1 km walk over the headland and back to Port Gaverne where a hot drink awaits.

open water swimming

The home straight

Port Quin to Lundy Bay

Sunday 26th July & Sunday 23rd August

One-way swim from Port Quin to Lundy. Swimming out of the historic natural harbour of Port Quin we turn left after exiting the mouth and head in the direction of Lundy Bay. We’ll swim past sea caves and over shipwrecks before landing upon a secluded beach. If conditions allow we’ll swim into caves and blowholes before doubling back a short way and exiting the water at the rocky cove of Epphaven. From here it’s a gentle (just 1 hill) 1 mile walk back to Port Quin via the coastpath, which is just as scenic as the swim. On our return it’s cake, hot drinks and basking in the glory of your completed swim adventure, before the masses have even had their breakfast.

This route can be exposed. You should be confident that you can complete the distance and have a high level of comfort in the sea.

guided open water swimming at port gaverne

Supported Open Water Swimming

Lundy Bay

Sunday 16th August

An out and back swim from Lundy towards The Rumps and back.

We start with a woodland walk down to the waters edge. From here we’ll head left towards The Rumps. Swimming over golden sands and past cormorant rock will bring us to Carneweather point. Next stop… The lead mines. We’ll swim beneath towering cliffs and long since abandoned mines and reach our turnaround point when we hit a secluded beach that is often home to a seal or two. Here we rest, take on fluids and food then prepare for our return.

Swimming 5km in the sea can be taxing especially if there is some chop or swell. This is one for experienced open water swimmers. Please check the physical requirements for details.


We hope that these special sessions will mean that those of you who were looking forward to an open water swim event this summer can still tick that box.  If you’re interested in swimming one of these routes with us then please click through and check the specific details and requirements for each route, and call or e-mail if you have any questions.  If none of these options look suitable for you or the dates don’t work then please take a look at the rest of our open water swimming options.