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Summer Holiday Activities in Cornwall

The summer months bring with them the school summer holidays, the busiest time of year here in Cornwall. It’s a period when many families are looking for holiday activities to entertain their children, teenagers and “inbetweenagers”, and when some other visitors are looking for an escape from the busy beaches.

We can help with both, and offer a variety of activities and locations so that whether you’re looking to leave the crowds behind for a few hours of near-solitude, or keep your kids happy and have them suitably worn-out by bedtime, your visit to Cornwall will be a successful one. Here’s a brief run down of the activities and adventures that we’re offering this summer:

group of teenagers coasteering with cornish rock tors

For those seeking solitude and silence:


sea kayaking in north cornwall

For those wanting to wear out their kids!

  • Coasteering at Port Gaverne. Climbing along the rocky foreshore and swimming through caves before leaping into the sea from jump spots of varying heights provides an exciting adventure for everybody, not just those who are too young to drive themselves to the beach! We have different coasteering sessions to suit a variety of ages and abilities, so there is something for everybody.
  • Sea kayaking as a family is a really lovely way to spend half a day. And, with our two-seater sit on top sea kayaks Mum or Dad can take the back seat and let the little human-motor in the front seat power them along!
  • Stand-up paddleboarding is reported to be the world’s fastest growing watersport, and with good reason. It’s great fun and learning the basics is relatively easy, but there’s plenty of challenge in trying to maintain your balance and not fall in at least once!
a stand-up paddleboarding lesson at port gaverne

If the weather’s bad…

  • If sea and weather conditions are poor and we can’t run our activities on the coast (this does sometimes happen during the Great British summer!) then we still run activities at a beautiful lake just five minutes inland from Port Gaverne. Our multi-activity sessions offer a mix of paddlesports (sea kayaking and stand-up paddleboards) and some coasteering around the edges of this former quarry.
stand-up paddleboarding at tregildrans quarry lake in north cornwall