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Working With Swim Research

We’re incredibly proud and fortunate to have a fantastic group of businesses and organisations supporting the work that we do here at Cornish Rock Tors and Cornish Swim Tours.  Swim Research are one of the businesses that we are lucky enough to be working with.

A dedicated open water swimming brand based here in Cornwall (they’re a part of the C-Skins wetsuit family), Swim Research launched this year producing innovative swim-specific wetsuits and accessories. We’ve been working with Swim Research from the get-go, product testing their designs in a real-world environment during their research and development phase and feeding back to them to help them produce the best possible products for swimmers. We’re now a test centre for Swim Research, showcasing and using their products on all of Cornish Swim Tours’ training sessions and guided swims and providing a place for swimmers to try on their range and ask advice from people who use their wetsuits on a daily basis.

open water swim guide wearing swim research wetsuit

Sea Level

“We wanted to launch a swim brand which speaks not only to seasoned athletes but also to those who just want to explore their surroundings by water. Swim Research was born on the coast and our task is to give people tools to immerse themselves in nature and reap all the physical and mental benefits this facilitates. Cornish Swim Tours were a natural partner for us along our journey to get Swim Research to market. They offer a unique experience of discovery and fitness in stunning locations which exactly aligns with the products we make. Working together with them is the perfect fit.”

-Chris Grant, Swim Research

open water swimmer putting on a swim research wetsuit at port gaverne, cornwall

The best way to start your day.

The difference between swimming in a normal wetsuit, even a good one, and a swim-specific suit is huge. Swim Research’s wetsuits are made from Glideskin Xtend neoprene (the world’s fastest and lightest neoprene designed specifically for swimmers) with more buoyant 4mm panels on the torso, hips and fronts of the legs so that your body floats in the best possible position for swimming. The cuffs of the arms and legs, as well as the zip pull, are a high-vis orange to match their swim floats, a fantastic safety feature ensuring that you’re as visible as possible whilst swimming.

As part of the C-Skins family, Swim Research benefit from C-Skins’ 45 years of experience in the wetsuit industry. C-Skins sustainability credentials include a 26% reduction in the carbon footprint of each of their wetsuits and a saving of 104 litres of water per KG of fabric fro the dying process. The neoprene used is limestone based rather than being derived from petrochemicals, reducing the environmental impact of their materials.

open water swimmer with tow float in cornwall

Swimming Port Gaverne to Port Isaac

Working with Swim Research to help them design and test a swimming wetsuit specific to the needs of open water swimmers has been a fantastic experience for us, and we’re really proud to stand behind their product and recommend it to Cornish Swim Tours clients. You can take a look at Swim Research’s wetsuits and accessories on their website, or follow them at @swimresearch