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Plastic Free Champion

We’re proud to announce that Cornish Rock Tors is now a single-use plastic free business. Over the winter months we went through Surfers Against Sewage’s Plastic Free Champion certification, and we received approval and our nice wooden plaque at the end of winter (just before lockdown hit).

What We Did To Go Plastic Free

To qualify as plastic free, a business needs to remove or replace three or more items of single use plastic, and make a plan to further reduce reliance on single use plastic items. We rarely had any plastic bottles in the business as it stood, with members of the team bringing their own reusable water canteens in to work with them.  Now we’ve made that a policy. We’ve never sold bottled water either, instead only offering canned water and drinks for sale from the cellar. We’ve also not restocked on chocolate bars or any other individually wrapped items.  Instead we were planning to sell flapjacks and traybakes again this year (although this is now on hold due to our tightened health and safety policies). Finally, thanks to our move to an online booking system last summer, we got rid of all of the poly-pockets that we used for our daily filing (and that we needed to protect paperwork from water splashes in the cellar).


water refill station and cups at Cornish Rock Tors in Port Gaverne

Drinking Water Refill Station

What We’re Going To Do In The Future

We’re looking to go further with our mission to eliminate single use plastics from the business; we’ve just installed a water refill station in the cellar so that customers and members of the public can refill their water bottles here. Now that we’re able to offer hot drinks, we will offer wooden stirrers and reusable cups (for sale, or bring your own). In the office we’re going to start purchasing recycled/refilled laser print cartridges, and we’re looking into bulk purchasing sunscreen for staff to reduce the number of sunscreen containers that get used here over the course of a sunny summer.


How Your Business Or Community Can Go Plastic Free

Because we don’t operate within one of Surfers Against Sewage’s Plastic-Free Communities, we applied directly. If your business is based in a town or village that already has plastic free status then your local organising committee can guide you through the application process. But you don’t need to certify and get a nice plaque to reduce the amount of single use plastic that is used regularly in your business (or home); it’s worth taking a look around and making some changes regardless, because the ocean is always downstream and if we all make some small changes it’ll add up to a positive for our marine environment.


If you’d like to purchase a Cornish Rock Tors camping mug or water canteen and can’t wait until your next visit, then drop us a line and we’ll arrange sending one to you.